63 Prompts

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Engage your audience like a pro and use the prompts that our clients have used to monetise LinkedIn

63 AMAZING Ideas to get your content creating juices flowing! PLUS, BONUS [see end]

If you want to REMAIN TOP OF MIND of your network, it's crucial you create consistent, vibrant content to engage your network and stay visible on their feeds.

That's 5-7 pieces of content per week. 20-28 per month and 260-365 per year!

That's a lot Jill! What do I possibly have to share to create that volume of content? [I hear you ask]

If you want to BE VISIBLE and surpass previous engagement levels and NEVER WORRY AGAIN about what to write for your next post...

The 63  PROMPTS is a NO-BRAINER for you.

Don't think twice. Grab this opportunity NOW!

I started with a BLANK sheet...

It was 2015 and I  had won a glut of clients over the previous months. I dutifully delivered my coaching and training and it filled my time.

As contracts gradually came to an end, I looked up from the busyness and noticed I had zero clients in the pipeline... I had made the classic mistake!

Sound familiar?

I knew I needed to engage my growing network and at the time it was taboo to reach out to people in their inbox.

It left me only ONE option.

Posting content consistently on the home page.

The next few months were a frenzy of trial and error. 

Creating content and seeing it bomb with zero engagement... then occasionally getting a post that flew with fantastic volumes of engagement.

I spent hundreds of hours studying  what worked, why it worked, trying to replicate it.

That's why I created 63 Prompts

Fast forward several years and I consistently create 6 posts every week that engage and grow my network and convert into clients:

  • 17,000+ network
  • Just short of 1M post views per year
  • 3-4,000 profile views per month
  • 2-3 inbound leads each week

Converting your network all starts with the ability to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

I 100% agree that ATTENTION is the currency of today.

There's a high chance you don't have the time, energy or patience to spend the months of testing that I did.

Now you can piggyback off my hard work and hours invested, and get instant ideas to create your posts with confidence.

You can apply what already works.

So, if you want to:

  • Have instant ideas for your posts, like a Pro (without spending hours thinking up ideas),
  • Save COUNTLESS HOURS  figuring it out on your own (because we've done the hard work for you), 
  • Skip writing hundreds of drafts and start creating momentum today...

Grab them right NOW!

But that's not all.


We want you to win.

I'll do everything in my power to help you attract your Ideal Clients on LinkedIn.

That's why we've added this set of HOOKS to get you started with writing your posts.

You'll get them completely FREE.

HOOKS grab your Ideal Client's attention on a busy home page feed for your great content.

We've given you 25 HOOKS, so you fill in the blanks and get going instantly.

Now it's time to click the Access button and get writing.

Here's what clients say...

"I was struggling to know how to keep my content ideas fresh 6 months ago. Now I have my content planned out for the next 3 months using the suggestion in this download.

But most important of all, I’m creating content consistently and showing up every day." 

- Natalie Carthew, Sales Strategist, trainer and speaker.

"These prompts give incredible versatility to me when writing content for LinkedIn. For each prompt there are multiple things you can share, so it's a never ending list of possibilities. The bonus hooks are a really useful starter to get my creative juices flowing.''

- Adam Woods, Sales Strategist, trainer and speaker.

Why Trust Jill with your Content Ideas?

Jill’s been writing LinkedIn Profiles for some of the top CEO’s in the UK and enables business owners and professionals each year to craft their own powerful presence on LinkedIn.

Having been thrown off LinkedIn for spamming in her first few weeks of being on the platform and clawing her way back on she knew she had to do better.

After 2-weeks of making key changes to her Profile she won 2 contracts worth £21K. That’s when everything changed!

In this Playbook she shares what makes the difference to creating a compelling and successful Profile that leads to multiple sales.

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63 Prompts

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